Your learning

Each of our team members have been handpicked for their passion, knowledge, industry
experience and integrity, all of which constitute our values and aims as we strive to meet the expectations of our candidates and clients. We have a highly-qualified team who bring together a mix of expertise from

wide-ranging sectors such as public, private sector and Universities and Higher Education, and other professional bodies.
A practical approach – What you learn can be embedded in your work. We adopt a practical,fully-supported, work-focussed training approach where your learning can be immediately translated into your work practice.

Support – Our approach is to suggest the most relevant and beneficial learning route for you, utilising our expertise in modern and innovative learning solutions. Our support extends beyond your course completion. We will continue to support you by evaluating the effectiveness of your course in your life, and suggest further areas of skills enhancement and career development.

Skills development opportunities

Our courses enable learners to focus on the skills most valued by employers e.g.:

  • provide a clear focus on core and employability skills, and the ability to transfer these to different contexts, in particular, the world of work
  • provide opportunities for students to develop skills such as problem solving, decision making and evaluating risks
  • provide opportunities for work related experiences, both in and out with the classroom
  • Progress to a higher qualification