APeducation Online is established for the purpose of imparting professional and academic knowledge and competence, whilst adhering to the highest quality standards.
One of our strategic goals is to establish global partnerships where unique strengths could be brought together into one offering to benefit individuals across the globe.

What do we aim to achieve through global partnerships?

  • Develop a common platform for exchanging knowledge and innovation within the education sector
  • Connecting diverse cultures and complementing each other’s academic excellence and expertise
  • Providing all individuals across the globe with access to international qualifications with world class standards
  • Contribute to the economy and workforce skills development

Nationally we have partnered with One Art One World.

APeducation Online and One Art One World have combined expertise to develop a unique set of learning solutions within performing arts. These learning solutions will EMPOWER individuals within the UK and internationally with essential personal and professional skills, thus leading to human capital development. Together we aim to ensure the provision of a quality learning experience for a diverse a range of individuals facilitated by a mix of expertise, cross-industry experience, academic roles and subject disciplines.

We are currently operating in India, Middle East and Bangladesh and we are constantly expanding our reach. Our middle east partners are based in Kingdom of Bahrain.

APeducation Online and Tylos Human Development have partnered together to develop specialist skills and qualifications based on the sector-specific National Occupational Standards of the Kingdom of Bahrain.Through this partnership APeducation Online aims to develop personal and professional skills of a diverse range of individuals and organisations – both private and government.

For further partnership opportunities contact us at or call us at 020 8249 6340

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