Our online (continuing Professional Development) CPD  learning modules provide a high-quality interactive source to update your skills and knowledge in order to remain professionally competent and achieve your true potential.


  • Online learning to fit around your timetable at work, at home, or on the go
  • Knowledge and skills that can be applied in a context relevant to you
  • Activities and quizzes to engage users and measure understanding

What you will gain

On successfully completing each CPD module you will receive a certificate of completion. You will also receive a transcript outlining the CPD course title and hours undertaken to complete the course, topics covered, the course summary objectives and details of the assessment undertaken (where relevant).

For OISC solicitors these courses are also accepted as an evidence for non-core CPD courses. Core CPD courses are also available. Please contact one of our staff for more information.

Choose a CPD module from the categories below

Leadership in your area of responsibility

This course is about you as a leader. Nowadays, leadership is considered to be an important part of being a manager…

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Successful Leadership for your team

This CPD course is about your leadership responsibilities to direct, motivate and support your colleagues….

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Innovation and decision making

Inspire innovation within your area of responsibility

This CPD course is about innovation and is concerned with how you can actively encourage and implement new ideas in your area of responsibility,….

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Problem-solving and decision making

In this CPD course you will examine the technical management skills of problem solving and decision making. You may be required to make decisions…

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Business Communication

Meetings and briefings

In this CPD course we will examine the skills needed to manage meetings and briefings effectively….

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Develop and create effective written documents

In this CPD course you will learn about producing complex written business documents….

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Summarise complex business documentation

In this CPD course you will learn about summarising complex written business information. You will evaluate the effectiveness….

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Plan and participate in a formal meeting

In this CPD course, you will learn how to create paperwork to support a meeting, and to prepare and deliver an input for the meeting…..

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Team  management

Assign and monitor the progress and quality of work

This CPD course is about how you make sure that the work for which you and your team are responsible for is carried out effectively….

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Coaching and mentoring

In this CPD course you will be looking at coaching and mentoring and the contributions that you as a manager can make to the development….

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Managing conflict in the workplace

In this CPD course you will explore causes of conflict in the workplace, the effects that conflict might have on individuals….

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Develop a productive working culture

The purpose of this CPD course is to give you a basic knowledge that in developing productive working relationships with colleagues in your own….

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Managing interpersonal conflict

In this CPD course we will be looking at interpersonal conflict and the contributions that you as a manager will need to make to dealing with conflict…

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Interpersonal skills and self management


In this CPD course you are going to examine aggressive, submissive (or accommodating/passive), and assertive…

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Influencing skills

In this CPD course topic we will examine what influence is and the managerial situations in which it may be used. We will explore this ….

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Stress management

In this CPD course we will explore what stress is, people’s responses to stress and how stress can be managed…

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In this CPD course we will examine the process of negotiating, when negotiation might be used, and the types of behaviour that negotiators might adopt…

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Time management

In this CPD course we will examine why we may not accomplish all that we want. We will also look at the behaviours associated with poor time…

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Manage your professional development

This CPD course is about managing your personal resources (particularly knowledge, understanding, skills experience…

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Teaching and Education

Child Psychology

This CPD course will provide you with an understanding of the psychological needs of children and social and emotional development. Child psychology…

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Early Years Foundation Stages

This CPD course is designed for those who are working as an EYFS Teaching assistant. It allows you to understand development in the early years and how development…

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Education and Training

This CPD course is designed for those working in a training environment. It will allow the candidate to understand teaching methods, as well as assessment methods to meet….

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Higher Level Teaching Assistant

This CPD course enables you to understand the role of assisting teachers within the class…

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Special Education Needs

In this CPD course, the candidate will develop detailed knowledge and understanding of the role of the SEN…

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Teaching Assistant Primary

This CPD course Teaching Assistant course enables Teaching Assistants understand how they can assist the teacher…

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