Your online learning experience

    • At the commencement of the training, you will receive a user id and password to gain access to the course. You would be provided with a Learning Plan and an Assessment Brief at the start of the course.
    • You will work your way through the course by completing various modules. As you work your way through the training we strongly encourage you to take advantage of opportunities to practise these skills in your own work environment and reflect on the process and outcomes.
    • You would be building your skills by working on formative practical exercises and questions on an
      on-going basis and submitting your responses to the subject experts via the online learning management system.
    • You will receive feedback on the responses which will indicate whether you are on the right track, where improvements could be made, next steps, etc. The purpose of these assessments is to develop your skills and knowledge that will help you to relate theory to practice, particularly to your own organisation and your own experience.
    • It should also help you think about how theory can inform what you do in the way you make decisions and how you can promote innovation within your organisation.
    • Learning with APeducation Online is convenient, fully supported, and work-focused. The work-based activities ensure that you link your learning directly to your professional practice, so you see effective results quickly.

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