Successful Leadership for your team

This CPD course is about your leadership responsibilities to direct, motivate and support your colleagues to achieve both team and personal work objectives. It also includes difficulties and challenges, as well as creativity and innovation  within teams.

Topics covered

  • Effective communication within a team
  • SMART objectives
  • Set and involve team members in the planning and achievement of a team
  • Demonstrate how personal work objectives contribute to achievement of team objectives
  • Select and apply different methods of motivating and supporting team members and recognising their achievements
  • How to encourage others to take the lead and how to achieve this


On successfully completing each CPD module you will receive a certificate of completion. You will also receive a transcript outlining the CPD course title and hours undertaken to complete the course, topics covered, the course summary objectives and details of the assessment undertaken (where relevant).


Cost: £40.00 + vat

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Duration: 4 hours
Learning mode: Online

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