APeducation Online supports the Not for Profit Sector

At APeducation Online, we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is all about how our business can contribute to the overall positive impact on society. We are keen to support charities that help in the development of the local community.

We are committed towards fulfilling the training and development needs of this sector whilst they are engaged in the service of the community. Our core area of service for this sector, which we are really proud of, is the empowerment of staff and volunteers. We do this by offering customised professional development courses to support the CPD needs of staff and volunteers from this sector.

Some of the highlights of our courses:

  • Nationally-accredited
  • Cater to staff/volunteers at various levels, from frontline to senior management
  • Equip your staff/volunteers with the knowledge and skills to deal with the challenges and issues of the current/future economy
  • Flexible online mode
  • Can gain specialist skills in areas such as Leadership, Strategic Management, Project Management, Personal Effectiveness, etc., so that they can be applied in a relevant work context

If there are any topics that you would like to see covered in the future then please do let us know, and we will do our best to incorporate them in the courses.