We specialise in providing educational consultancy services to colleges, private training institutes, schools and academies. Our approach focuses on encouraging innovation, creativity, productivity and competitiveness in all the aspects, helping organisations to excel. We have a highly-qualified team who bring together a mix of expertise, cross-industry experience, academic roles, and subject disciplines.

Features and benefits of our management consultancy:

  • Institutional and Quality Assurance reviews and audits
  • Institutional capacity building and setting up QA systems
  • Development of qualifications and training programmes based on employer needs and labour market demand
  • Capacity building through training and workshops
  • Enterprise and employability skills development
  • Developing qualifications based on the National Framework
  • An integrated approach where management and leadership skills, combined with wider organisational policies,
    can lead to a positive culture change
  • Address diagnosed management development needs
  • Curriculum development and teacher training
  • Crisis and change management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM)