Our Charity of the year

Sant’Egidio is very grateful to partner up with APeducation Online to help older and homeless people together. We believe in a better world for everyone and we know that we cannot save each other alone. We thank APeducation Online’s generous help and we look forward to 2021 knowing that they will be on the side of our friends in need, supporting us throughout the year.


APeducation Online chooses Sant’Egidio as Charity of the Year 2021

The COVID19 crisis has made most of us retreat and isolate ourselves in the safe space of our homes, going out only for essential shopping, buying online, talking virtually. Perhaps also searching for meaning.

The only people left in the streets are people without a home and the elderly are even lonelier.

It is now more than ever important to show our homeless friends and also our elderly lonely friends, that we do care for them and that we are still here for them despite the obstacles.

Sant’Egidio is a lay community of members in more than 73 countries of the world who believe in fostering prayer, peace and encounters with the poor. For 37 years Sant’Egidio in the world has invited many homeless people, lonely elderly, men and women who have nobody to spend Christmas with, to come together and share a beautiful meal. Our meals were attended by more than 200 homeless and older people each year. We had more than 150 people mobilised to help. Thanks to those dinners we are giving love, dignity and respect to everyone who feels marginalised by simply listening and sharing.

For more information, please visit www.santegidio.org.uk