APeducation Online Student Wins Top UK Training Award 2017

WINNING THE PRESTIGIOUS STAR AWARD 2017 presented by Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). The award recognises the outstanding achievements in education and training not just in the UK but around the world. What a proud moment!!

We are proud to announce that Roxanne Kerr, has won the ‘Training Organisation Candidate of the Year’ award at this year’s Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) Star Awards.

SQA Star Awards Pic Peter Devlin

“Speaking after the awards, Roxanne said she was delighted to be recognised for the hard work she put into achieving her qualification and the support provided by APeducation Online that contributed to her success.”

Congratulations to Roxanne and the valuable contribution by the entire team.
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“ I am very glad I chose this training and I met two wonderful persons. I am grateful for their support. Each time I had questions I received a reply and the feedback for my tasks was constructive.
The material and teaching were relevant and sufficient for me to implement in my organisation and to plan a change process. I am eager to see the output of my change processes implemented in the company.
I would highly recommend the PDA in Leadership and Change course to my colleagues or friends.“

Oana Maria FerentHR Head

“I have improved my knowledge of food hygiene and I have now decided to enrol with APeducation Online for a Quality Management course as this would enhance my CV and professional growth as a Quality Manager. I like dealing with your dedicated staff, especially the learner support team who were extremely helpful and answered my various questions. I like dealing with professionals and after starting a new job role I plan to definitely return to APeducation Online for my professional growth.“

Branislav Somodik -Slovakia-Quality manager within the Food Manufacturing sector

“I gained a great deal from this course and by using the skills that I gained from the PDA in project management, I was able to complete a very successful project which resulted in being asked by my employer to grow and develop my project into something on a much larger scale.I felt that the course was good value for money and would highly recommend anyone who is looking to gain more knowledge and experience of project management to complete this course.“

Roxanne KerrDevelopment Officer – Paths for all Scotland

“ The course helped me to become a more complete leader and manager, at a time of major change in my career (as a result of a recent internal promotion into a strategic management and leadership position). Basically, I think that the PDA in Organisational Leadership offered by APeducation Online is excellent, and of particular help to newly promoted and experienced senior managers. Definitely recommended!“

Peter Gisbey -China-Deputy Headmaster

“Your course helped me to gain knowledge and understanding and showed me what I could do to improve where I work. It is a great short course and gave me a lot think about and helped me to improve my work place skills. Your services are excellent and I would highly recommend it to my colleagues and friends.”

Sophie Rew -UK-Academic Support Worker at UCB

“Due to the way in which we have to answer the self-assessment questions I have learnt a lot about influencing others which will stay with me for quite some time. This is a far better way of learning than through multiple choice questions where you effectively learn the answers to only pass the test. Your course most certainly did assist me in contributing to my professional skills development and I will be back again to further develop my skills now I am aware of how good your system and service is.”
Keep up the great work!

Dean Morgan -UK-Director of a reputed Law firm

“Your registration and marking process is very quick and obviously this has enabled me to comply with OISC CPD requirement successfully well before the deadline. This is very helpful for a very busy person like me. Your course contributed greatly to your professional skills development and compliance requirements. I would recommend you to my colleagues and friends.”

Sadat Miran Sufi -UK-Director of an Advisory and Law firm

“Very happy with the services offered and would recommend it to my colleagues.”

Charmaine Fagan -UK-Lecturer – Academic Skills Centre, UCB