Assign and monitor the progress and quality of work

This course is about how you make sure that the work for which you and your team are responsible for is carried out effectively. You will focus on aspects such as ensuring that the work required in your area of responsibility is effectively planned and fairly allocated to individuals and/or teams. You will also focus on monitoring the progress and quality of the work of these individuals and/or teams to ensure that the required level or standard of performance is being met.

Topics covered

  • Clarify work within your area of responsibility effectively
  • Take account of health and safety issues in assigning and monitoring of work
  • Produce a plan of work and identify priorities, resources and any critical activities
  • Encourage team members to ask questions and/or seek clarification in relation to their assigned work
  • Provide prompt and constructive feedback to individuals and/or teams
  • Identify performance below established standards and discuss ways to improve
  • Foresee problems and events and ways to support individuals and teams in dealing with them


On successfully completing each CPD module you will receive a certificate of completion. You will also receive a transcript outlining the CPD course title and hours undertaken to complete the course, topics covered, the course summary objectives and details of the assessment undertaken (where relevant).


Cost: £40.00 + vat

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Duration: 4 hours
Learning mode: Online

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