Level 4 Award in Internet Safety

This National recognised course introduces individuals to the main threats to personal safety when they are using the Internet, and how best to protect themselves from these threats. It covers topics such as: cyber hygiene, data security, and individual rights and responsibilities. The threats covered include: cyberbullying, cyberstalking, identity theft, sextortion and malware (such as ransomware), inappropriate behaviour and grooming that can appear in a variety of different contexts, eg text messages, chat rooms, e-mail, social networking sites and instant messaging.

As well as learning about the main threats to personal safety, learners will also gain practical skills in protecting themselves from these threats by learning, for example, how to use firewalls, virus protection, backup software and generally maintaining high standards of personal cyber hygiene

Aims of the course

These are to:

  • Identify the risks that exist when using the Internet and to personal safety and personal privacy
  • Identify factors that affect the reliability of information on websites
  • Take precautions to protect personal safety and personal privacy
  • Check the identity of other online users
  • Understand the forms and characteristics of cyber bullying, grooming
  • Identify where to get online help and information on e-safety
  • Use appropriate browser safety and security settings to protect self and system
  • Adhere to the legal requirements, guidelines and procedures that apply when working online


This training is divided into 4 sections:
Section 1: understand the risks that can exist when using the internet.
Section 2: know how to safeguard self and others when working online
Section 3: take precautions to maintain data security
Section 4: follow legal constraints, guidelines and procedures which apply when working

How the course is delivered

This course is delivered via a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which provides access to case studies, learning materials and activities, presentations, and web links. Online tutor support and guidance is provided throughout the course, where learners can interact with the tutors, get feedback on their progress and submit their work electronically.
As the course is delivered online, this enables learners to study any time, any place through immediate access to the VLE


Assessment consists of 25 multiple choice questions and by digital portfolio


On successful completion of the course, learners will gain a nationally recognised award at Level 4 Award in Internet Safety and a certificate of recognition for their demonstrable skills.


£70.00 including awarding body fee
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